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Cross bores can remain harmless and undetected for years, causing little to no disruption. However, potential dangers arise when a sewer backs up and needs to be unblocked. On rare occasions, a natural gas line has been punctured, causing gas…

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The Farmer’s Almanac had predicted this winter would be colder than normal with above-average precipitation and snowfall. More than just inconvenient, these conditions can create additional hazards when working outdoors.  Here are some tips for staying safe in winter weather:…

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multiVIEW Locates Inc. is a professional services firm that specializes in Utility Locating, Vacuum Excavation, CCTV Sewer Inspection, Concrete Scanning, and Subsurface Utility Engineering. For almost 30 years, we’ve collected, analyzed, prepared and delivered subsurface data to empower thousands of…

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