Simple household projects such as installing a new BBQ line or pool heater can carry a significant amount of risk if you're unaware of the buried utilities that lie within your property. multiVIEW Locates is your Dig Safe partner and will locate and mark buried utilities to ensure safety on your next household project.

The Ontario Health & Safety Act (OHSA) mandates that homeowners and private utility service owners locate and mark underground utilities before excavating. Often, landowners are unaware of the buried infrastructure located on their property which means that simple household projects such as installing a new BBQ line or pool heater can carry a significant amount of risk. Locating and marking underground utilities minimizes the risk of damaging buried utilities while maximizing personal safety. For more than 30 years, multiVIEW has been offering a range of services to meet all of your homeowner utility locating needs.

Please pass on my compliments to the multiVIEW staff member who attended my site. She was very efficient and pleasant to communicate with as she was setting up her equipment. The Locate saved me from having a very big headache!



Committed to Dig Safe principles, backed by decades of experience

We have decades of experience partnering with homeowners and asset owners to carry out private utility locates. Our Damage Prevention Technician (DPT) trained staff leverage state-of-the-art locating kits to locate and mark all private utilities within a project area, including those that are non-traceable, or traditionally “non-locatable”. Our team of dispatchers will schedule and coordinate your project and we will mobilize quickly to get the job done. Once your utilities are located and marked, we’ll provide you with a locate report that provides the information you require to excavate safely on your property.

Homeowner utility locating services include sewer inspections that ensure safety

Our Damage Prevention services don’t stop at private, homeowner utility locating. We also offer advanced CCTV Sewer Inspection technology and techniques. We can identify and diagnose potentially hazardous intersecting utilities, asses the performance of newly installed pipes and watermains, monitor aging assets, locate blockages, and more. High quality deliverables include a video and images of the inspection.

We’ll accurately locate and mark buried utilities on your property and provide you with the information you require to excavate safely.

Homeowner utility locating services

The multiVIEW Advantage


We’re the largest supplier of private locates in Ontario

This unique position in the marketplace allows us to attract and keep talented Field Staff that perform accurate locates. Staff members undergo a comprehensive training program coupled with extensive professional development and job shadowing. Certifications include Damage Prevention Technician (DPT) and Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) in addition to significant and ongoing Health & Safety Training. This results in safe, accurate locates delivered on time.



We apply diverse techniques to get the job done

Our locating experience and abilities are diverse: technicians are trained on multiple techniques and technologies to carry out the work including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electromagnetic (EM) Induction, Vacuum Excavation, and CCTV Sewer Inspection. This means that no utility locating challenge is too complex, and we can even find buried assets that are traditionally considered “unlocatable.” Learn more about our techniques and technologies.


We’re committed to safety & quality in everything we do

Our success lies in aligned interests with our customers that include a commitment to Health & Safety, a goal of zero work place injuries, and the systems in place to foster effective and transparent communication. High caliber performance is facilitated by our dedication to our Quality Management System (QMS) which is built on a foundation of striving for 100% customer satisfaction – our customer’s success is our success.

Our Joint Health & Safety (JH&S) committee implements our Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Manual and Field Staff undergo significant Health & Safety training. We are also ISNetworld certified. Learn more about our commitment to Safety & Training.

As your partner in Utility Damage Prevention and Inspection, we’ve defined core values that drive our operations and form the basis of everything we do.

30 years industry experience

We’ve achieved a unique position in the marketplace based on decades of experience, which allows us to provide added value to our customers.

Fast flexible mobilization

Our strategic approach to resourcing fosters scalability, flexibility, and rapid response times. We’re here to support you 24/7, and no project is too complex.

Dedicated to training & safety

We foster a culture of continuous improvement through comprehensive internal and external training. Our Health & Safety culture is backed by our HS&E Manual.

Commitment to quality

We’re guided by our Quality Management System (QMS) and our team of experts executes all processes with the highest regard for quality.

Qualified, dedicated partners in Damage Prevention.

A full suite of Utility Locating services backed by a focus on Safety, Quality and Customer Excellence.