Hydro Vacuum Excavation

We deliver the whole package: project coordination, traffic management, locate clearances and site restoration. Professional coring and excavation services are customized to match project-specific objectives.

multiVIEW Locates performs hundreds of Vacuum Excavation services annually. Customers rely on our experience and professionalism to manage projects safely, reduce project risk and deliver high accuracy results, on time and on budget.

Our operators and field technicians are highly trained professionals that cleanly and safely expose pipelines, utilities and electrical systems. Our crews are equipped with professional coring systems to guarantee clean cutting for asphalt and concrete surfaces. Holes are restored with customer specified, non-settling fill products to ensure site quality.


Hydro Vacuum Excavation services tailored to your project

We use the latest equipment, designed for tight urban access. We offer both hydro and pneumatic excavation, and will tailor our services to best accommodate project site conditions. We also offer full site restoration services. All investigations are carried out in strict adherence to the CI/ASCE Standard 38-02: Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data.

  • In pneumatic excavation, high speed air flow is used to loosen the material covering the target and the soil is sucked away with the vacuum tube. This soil can be used as native back fill as it is not mixed with any other materials.
  • During hydro excavation, a high pressure water jet is used at high temperatures to loosen the material covering the target. This method is suitable for any soil type.
  • On hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete or limestone, a process of keyhole cutting is applied using diamond tip cutting equipment in order to access the soft surface underneath. Depending on the requirements of the project, we also offer full site restoration services.

Our services include:

  • Utility locating by test-pitting, pot-holing or daylighting
  • Professional coring services for concrete, asphalt and other hard surface materials
  • Storm sewer cleaning
  • Industrial Vacuum services
  • RTK Surveying of utility design data
  • Trenching
  • Post hole digging
  • Full back-fill and restoration services
  • Timed service inspections for restoration Quality Assurance
  • Complete utility locate management

The multiVIEW Advantage


Full project coordination

In addition to our vacuum excavation services, we will coordinate many aspects of your project such as arranging for traffic management, securing permits and providing locate clearances. Our dedicated project coordinators ensure effective communication throughout the project life cycle.


Diverse capabilities

Our flexible solutions can be matched to the specific requirements of your project – we offer both pneumatic and hydro excavation customized to match project objectives and site conditions.


Clean, safe, efficient

Our professional coring systems guarantee clean cutting for asphalt and concrete surfaces. Holes are restored with customer specified, shrinking fill products to ensure site quality. Our excavation services are always safe and efficient.

As your partner in Utility Damage Prevention and Inspection, we’ve defined core values that drive our operations and form the basis of everything we do.

30 years industry experience

We’ve achieved a unique position in the marketplace based on decades of experience, which allows us to provide added value to our customers.

Fast flexible mobilization

Our strategic approach to resourcing fosters scalability, flexibility, and rapid response times. We’re here to support you 24/7, and no project is too complex.

Dedicated to training & safety

We foster a culture of continuous improvement through comprehensive internal and external training. Our Health & Safety culture is backed by our HS&E Manual.

Commitment to quality

We’re guided by our Quality Management System (QMS) and our team of experts executes all processes with the highest regard for quality.

Qualified, dedicated partners in Damage Prevention.

A full suite of Utility Locating services backed by a focus on Safety, Quality and Customer Excellence.