Ticket Screening & Look Up

multiVIEW Locates Inc. offers one of the largest, most comprehensive 24/7 ticket screening centres in Ontario. Our highly trained and experienced staff review and process hundreds of thousands of Ontario One Call excavation requests annually.

multiVIEW Locates Inc. offers one of the largest, most comprehensive 24/7 ticket screening centres in Ontario. Our highly trained, experienced team reviews and processes hundreds of thousands of Ontario One Call excavation requests annually. By expertly reviewing individual tickets, our team can accurately clear tickets where excavation activities fall outside customers’ dig clearance tolerances, eliminating costly onsite field locate activities.

Our Ticket Screening & Look Up service includes:

  • 24-hour, 365 days per year support
  • Emergency response and auto-dispatching capabilities
  • Manage all aspects of the ticket-clearing process
  • Keep you in the loop along the way

Benefits of multiVIEW Ticket Screening & Look Up service:

  • Anytime access as you can reach us 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Save money by minimizing unnecessary field visits through office-cleared percentages
  • Avoid claims and liability associated with damaging utility lines with fast access to reliable utility records database
  • Stress-free, seamless process led by best practice and decades of experience conducting office clears, managing locate/ticket requests, and working with Ontario One Call
  • Free up your time to focus on more important things as we’ll handle all the administrative work

Reduce field visits, save money with our ticket-screening services

In leveraging these services, our customers typically see a 20%-25% reduction in field visits through in-house office clears. We also maintain an approximate 99.9% success rate with regard to meeting required timeframes.

Utilizing the latest ticket screening software, we work closely with each customer to predetermine clearing buffers and mapping requirements. Once this is established, our dedicated team diligently maintains customer maps each time an update is sent and processed.

Cleared tickets are saved in a historical database, and screen captures of the integrated maps are attached to the corresponding records. All updates are effectively communicated to our clients through the 360-degree protocol. By leveraging the latest technology, we can fully customize our solution to best meet your specific goals and objectives.

Informative Image of a multiVIEW team member sitting at her workstation in front of her two monitors while operating the mouse to review utility CAD mapping records as part of the in-house ticket clearing by customer request.

To ensure accuracy and swift service, our procedures are based on best practices that have been documented over years of experience. 

Informative Image shows Ticket Screening & Look Up centre. It shows an entire aisle of cubical worker stations.
Our dedicated call centre team is here to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  

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Commitment to quality

We’re guided by our Quality Management System (QMS) and our team of experts executes all processes with the highest regard for quality.

Fast, flexible & responsive

Our strategic approach to resourcing fosters scalability, flexibility, and rapid response times. We’re here to support you 24/7, and no project is too complex.

Dedicated to training & safety

We foster a culture of continuous improvement through comprehensive internal and external training. Our Health & Safety culture is backed by our HS&E Manual.

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