Unleash the Power of SUE for Your Next Civil Engineering Project

May 6, 2024

Modern infrastructure development places utmost importance on the integrity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of projects. One critical civil engineering process that enables the achievement of these objectives is Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE). This all-encompassing method entails meticulous mapping, documentation, and management of subsurface utilities. By delivering accurate subsurface utility data, SUE allows informed decision-making around construction design, utility coordination, utility accommodation, and utility relocation from the outset. Ultimately, SUE minimizes utility-related project risks and prevents surprises during later project stages.

Moreover, SUE offers an array of benefits that go beyond technical aspects. SUE is a proven method that boosts project efficiency, saves costs, ensures compliance with regulations and laws, promotes environmental conservation and sustainability, and builds public trust and confidence in project stakeholders. Therefore, investing in SUE is not only prudent but also strategically essential for modern infrastructure development.

At multiVIEW Locates, we offer diverse Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services that cater to our clients’ varied needs. Empowering Civil Projects since 1989, we are your trusted partner for achieving the highest standards in infrastructure development.

Watch our video to see why it’s worth your time and money to partner with multiVIEW before your next civil project.

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