multiVIEW Locates Inc. expands NASSCO-certified CCTV Sewer Inspection Services

multiVIEW Locates Inc. expands NASSCO-certified CCTV Sewer Inspection Services
December 12, 2018

multiVIEW Announces Expansion of NASSCO Certified CCTV Sewer Inspection Services!

Mississauga, ON – December 13, 2018 – multiVIEW Locates Inc. (multiVIEW), a leading professional services firm that specializes in utility locating today announced the expansion of its’ existing CCTV Sewer Inspection services. The expanded services include NASSCO-certified inspections for mainlines, laterals and manholes, in addition to sewer flushing. These services will help to minimize construction risk while supporting asset management planning for ageing assets across the province of Ontario.

According to a 2018 Ontario Sewer & Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA) report, 20% of the municipal water, stormwater and wastewater infrastructure across Ontario is in poor or worse condition with the total replacement value estimated at around $8 billion. One of the Report’s recommendations for managing this challenge is a shift from age-based to inspection-based condition analysis leveraging closed-circuit television inspections and zoom camera analysis.

“Regular inspections are crucial to managing the risk of a defect or blockage becoming a serious challenge or even an emergency,” said Kevin Vine, President, multiVIEW. “Proper maintenance of these underground assets has a huge impact on storm and sewer collection system performance. CCTV sewer inspection services provide a non-invasive approach to identify and diagnose damage, blockages, structural defects, internal corrosion, and a range of other issues.”

Sewer Inspection services also help to mitigate potentially hazardous situations that arise when underground utilities inadvertently intersect. Known in the industry as a cross bore, they can remain harmless and undetected for years, causing little to no disruption. However, if a pipe is cleared using an auger or water-jetting equipment, it can damage the intersecting utility which could result in a communications or electricity outage, or worse. On rare occasions, a natural gas line has been punctured, causing gas to leak through sewer laterals.

In response, natural gas utilities and municipalities across the country are implementing Sewer Safety Inspection (SSI) programs which combine utility locating with sewer inspection services to detect existing cross-bores so they can be proactively repaired. multiVIEW has been working with organizations and municipalities for years, helping to implement the SSI Programs through data collection, ticket clearing, field assessments and video inspections.

multiVIEW technicians are NASSCO PACP, LACP and MACP certified which means that they are trained in best practices for inspecting pipes, laterals and manholes. In addition to training and certifications, equipment plays a big role in obtaining insightful, accurate data, explains Jason Ramkissoon, M.Sc., PACP, DPT, multiVIEW’s Manager of Technical Services:

“CCTV equipment should be rugged and adaptable, so that it can expand and contract to accommodate varying pipe sizes. Where a large CCTV camera won’t fit within a lateral, a push camera can supplement to inspect clogs and defects. Images are captured in real-time, onsite and customers are provided with high resolution data which can be integrated into their CADD or GIS system.”

Looking forward, multiVIEW expects to see an uptick in service demand over the next several years, as underground infrastructure continues to age, and condition assessment increasingly becomes a critical component of municipal asset management planning.

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multiVIEW Locates Inc. (multiVIEW) is a 100% Canadian-owned utility locating company that has been in business since 1989. With almost three decades of experience behind us, multiVIEW has achieved a unique position in the industry and self-performs a wide variety of utility locating services and techniques. multiVIEW is dedicated to Health & Safety and all staff members are trained on and abide by our Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Manual. multiVIEW is also committed to Quality and maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) that forms the basis of everything we do, Our dedication to Safety & Quality is recognized by our ISNetworld certification. In addition, multiVIEW is committed to AODA compliance and strives to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to the services we provide as outlined in our Accessible Customer Service Policy. Our service areas include CCTV Sewer Inspection, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), Private & Public Utility Locating, Concrete Scanning, Ticket Screening, and Near-surface Geophysics.


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