CCTV Sewer & Pipe Inspection

Our rugged equipment will expand and contract to fit pipes of almost any size or length. We’ll inspect and evaluate the internal conditions of sanitary sewers, house service lines, forcemains or watermains, while capturing images in real-time.

multiVIEW offers CCTV Sewer & Pipe Inspection services to support Sewer Safety Inspection (SSI) Programs and Subsurface Utility Engineering Projects.

We can inspect and evaluate the internal conditions of sanitary sewers and residential service lines while capturing images in real-time. We’ll zoom in on anomalies, navigate around bends, and inspect lateral services. Whether it’s a crack, root obstruction, cross bore, break or other issue, we’ll identify the problem quickly. Just a few of the things that we’re able to inspect and assess include:

  • Inflow and infiltration performance
  • Blockages and accumulation of solids
  • Structural defects in pipes and maintenance holes including cracks, breaks, sags
  • Internal corrosion and leak areas
  • Misplaced line valves
  • Undersized pipes
  • Drainage issues
  • Changes to the pipes pre or post construction
  • Potentially hazardous intersecting utilities

Diverse CCTV Sewer & Pipe Inspection services to identify and assess challenges

Our diverse CCTV Sewer & Pipe Inspection services include:

Mainline inspections: multiVIEW performs mainline sewer and storm inspections, and we collect and analyze high quality data. Our trained technicians leverage sondes to complete above ground tracing for the line when required. Using CCTV, we can inspect pipes and sewers, and identify damage or blockages. Using the latest technology, we will zoom in and provide a close up of targeted areas. After the inspection, we’ll provide you with a written report and high resolution video.

Lateral inspections: We offer lateral inspections for sewer lines that connect residences and businesses to the main sewer system. These inspections offer an effective method to check for blockages, cross bores or damage, and it is all completed non-intrusively. Our equipment allows for superior efficiency and quality. We provide a visual of dips in the lines, cracks, offset joints, and obstructions such as dirt, gravel, and debris. Lateral cleaning is also a part of the services we offer.

Manhole inspections: Proper manhole maintenance is crucial to collection system performance. multiVIEW has the equipment and expertise to inspect and evaluate a wide variety of buried infrastructure including manholes, duct boxes, storm drains and any other underground chamber. Our equipment allows us to conduct a 360 degree inspection of a manhole and we can take snapshots to provide an overview of the manhole condition. Our Confined Space Entry (CSE) certified staff will ensure the project is completed efficiently and safely.

Cross bore detection: multiVIEW’s CCTV Sewer Inspection services are leveraged to support Sewer Safety Inspection (SSI) programs for clients across Ontario. We partner with organizations to implement the technology and expertise necessary to identify cross bores so the infrastructure can be repaired. This is accomplished through a strategic combination of utility locating and sewer inspection. Our services also incorporate record keeping, data analysis and the production of high quality deliverables. Learn more about cross bore safety.

Expertise and equipment to get the job done safely and effectively

Accurate inspections and high quality deliverables depend on knowledgeable industry professionals and best in class equipment. We provide both to our customers with tailored results that match project-specific requirements.

During and after an inspection, our trained experts will interpret and report on their findings. You’ll be provided with deliverables that include a digitally recorded video and report, along with inspection data that can be integrated with your CADD or GIS system.

Confined Space Entry (CSE) is all part of what we do, and our certified technicians have the most up to date health & safety training to ensure the job is done safely.

CCTV Sewer & Pipe Inspection

We’ll analyze and process data both onsite and after the inspection.  Customers are provided with highly visual, deeply impactful deliverables.

CCTV Sewer & Pipe Inspection

Flexible, rugged equipment can adapt to fit almost any sized pipe.

Check out a CCTV Sewer Inspection in action: see how the technology was used to travel down a storm drain in search of a blockage.

The multiVIEW Advantage


Expert analysis, high quality deliverables

Our team of experts will analyze data, interpret findings and suggest next steps. We’ll provide you with quality, highly visual deliverables including a full report that includes images and video footage.


A non-intrusive approach to pinpointing challenges

With our CCTV sewer inspection service, you can ascertain issues that lie within your pipeline without unnecessary digging. You can then preempt challenges before they become serious issues.


Top of the line technology

We’re fully equipped with the latest technology and can combine techniques to get the job done. Our equipment is 100% environmentally safe and built for tough jobs. It is highly durable, weather resistant and can be fully submerged in water.

As your partner in Damage Prevention, we’ve defined core values that drive our operations and form the basis of everything we do.

30 years industry experience

We’ve achieved a unique position in the marketplace based on decades of experience, which allows us to provide added value to our customers.

Fast flexible mobilization

Our strategic approach to resourcing fosters scalability, flexibility and rapid response times. We’re here to support you 24/7, and no project is too complex.

Dedicated to training & safety

We foster a culture of continuous improvement through comprehensive internal and external training. Our Health & Safety culture is backed by our HS&E Manual.

Commitment to quality

We’re guided by our Quality Management System (QMS) and our team of experts executes all processes with the highest regard for quality.

Qualified, dedicated partners in Damage Prevention.

A full suite of Utility Locating services backed by a focus on Safety, Quality and Customer Excellence.