Cross Bores – The Dangers Hidden Below

Cross Bores – The Dangers Hidden Below
February 11, 2017

Cross bores can remain harmless and undetected for years, causing little to no disruption. However, potential dangers arise when a sewer backs up and needs to be unblocked. On rare occasions, a natural gas line has been punctured, causing gas to leak through sewer laterals. Some cases have resulted in millions of dollars in property damage, serious injury, and even death. In response, the TSSA mandated that all natural gas distributors incorporate an action plan to address cross bore risk.

In this article by Kevin Vine of multiVIEW Locates, and published by Trenchless Technology Magazine, discusses the need to develop an action plan to addressing cross bore safety and how push camera in sewer safety inspection programs is ideal solution to assess conditions as it provides maximum visibility and flexibility in constricted areas.

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