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With over 25 years of experience, we’ve empowered thousands of geotechnical, engineering, and environmental projects around the world by collecting, preparing and delivering advanced subsurface data.

We leverage the latest available technology and in-house expertise to turn complex subsurface information into meaningful visuals that can be readily understood.
Let us work with you to reduce risk, cut costs and provide you with the insights you need to complete your project safely and effectively.


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March 10 – 2014
RoadMap technology featured on page 22 of the Ottawa Construction Association’s Magazine. Read how non-destructive testing supplements traditional infrastructure inspection techniques to support informed maintenance-related decisions.

March 3 – 2014
Kevin Vine, General Manager of multiVIEW, talks Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) with ReNew Canada Magazine
February 24 – 2014
multiVIEW celebrates a major milestone, reflects on 25 years of change and innovation
February 15 – 2014
Details of the Building Canada Fund start to emerge, includes $70 billion earmarked for infrastructure over a ten year period
February 3 – 2014
Since 2007, almost 700 bridges on Canada's National Highway System have either been rebuilt or undergone major rehabilitation. Leveraging Ground Penetrating Radar makes it possible to build a digital record of subsurface data that can be referenced each time a project occurs. This helps promote safer infrastructure by allowing stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance and rehabilitation strategies over time.
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