Recognizing Locator Safety Awareness Week

Recognizing Locator Safety Awareness Week
June 19, 2014

It is Locator Safety Awareness Week!

June 22-28 is Locator Safety Awareness Week (LSAW), an initiative spearheaded by Damage Prevention Professional Magazine in conjunction with the
National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA) that is aimed at keeping utility locators safe on the job.

With the summer construction season upon us, locators will play a key role in safe excavation. Spending long hot hours in many different environments necessitates a focus on staying safe and healthy.

At multiVIEW, we are committed to damage prevention and place a significant amount of focus on both locator safety as well as overall project safety. Here are a few initiatives that we implement regularly to mitigate potential hazards on the job:

  • Before we begin any project, we assess the Health and Safety certification requirements of the project site and make sure that our staff are appropriately certified
  • At every job site, our teams conduct daily health and safety assessments, record non-compliance and report to the project manager(s)
  • We place a big focus on training: Our candidate employees are tested regularly during the course of their training for both technical understanding (classroom training) and practical applications (field-testing)
  • Our locating technicians partake in St. John Ambulance First Aid, WHMIS, Fall Arrest training, and a number of site-specific courses that prepare them to stay safe on high-risk job sites. These include petroleum safety, confined spaces, vital pipes, among others.
  • Our technicians wear appropriate safety gear at all times including work boots, traffic safety vests, approved hard hats and appropriate hand protection for varying environments
  • Our Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) provides specific health & safety training, conducts health & safety audits, maintains health & safety records and ensures adherence to all OHSA requirements

Learn more about Locator Safety Awareness Week. Follow #locatingsafety and #safetytraining on Twitter for daily updates.


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