Road Condition Data Collection

Road Condition Data Collection
January 12, 2015


multiVIEW was retained to collect road condition data on the CPATT (Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technologies) test road at the University of Waterloo.


The RoadMap SmartTrailer acquired surface coupled GPR data combined with digital video. The data were synchronized and collected at pre-defined spatial intervals (DMI and GPS provided precise positioning). GPR travel times were converted to depth by estimating velocity from feature responses in the data itself and by correlating with core thickness data.


Figure 1 shows a 100m section of data.  The section shows asphalt over granular, over subgrade with the asphalt-granular and granular-subgrade boundaries clearly visible.  The data in Figure 1 are a subset of the full 700m CPATT test road.

Figure 2 shows the RoadMap automated horizon analysis generated for the full test road.

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