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Private vs. Public Utility Locating

Utility Locating

What is the difference between a private and public utility locate?

Public utilities are defined as those owned by large utility providers and include the mass distribution network of electricity, water, sewer and natural gas lines (to name a few) which connect our cities, homes and work places.  These utilities are considered publicly managed and owned up to a demarcation point, typically located on the outside of a building or property, or in maintenance and mechanical rooms. 

The demarcation point is commonly identified by a metering system, transformer or vault. Utilities that extend beyond the demarcation point are owned by the property owner and considered private utilities. Private utilities may include:

  • Any utility connecting secondary buildings on private property for businesses or personal dwellings (gas, sanitary and sewer, electricity, communication lines, etc.)
  • Buried storage tanks and lines, including fuel tanks and water discharge tanks
  • Industrial piping connecting processing units, tanks and facilities
  • Sewer and septic tanks, systems and piping
  • BBQ & pool heater fuel lines such as natural gas
  • Parking lot lighting and signal switch cabling
Prior to excavating on any private or public property, the excavator is required to have all utilities identified (Locates or Locate Clearances) by a qualified utility locator.  To obtain utility locates for public utilities you may contact Ontario One Call. Public locate service providers do not locate private utilities.
To obtain utility locates for all private utilities, you must contact a private utility locating company such as multiVIEW.  Additionally, multiVIEW will coordinate all public locate clearances and deliver a clearance package for your worksite at a nominal fee. 

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