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Utility Locates


multiVIEW Locates Inc. has been providing Utility Locating services in Ontario since 1988. With nearly 30 years' experience, multiVIEW's utility knowledge and technical expertise is unparalleled in this market. multiVIEW provides contract utility locating services to Utility Owners, Municipalities, Cities, Towns, Counties, Universities and Transit Systems throughout Ontario. multiVIEW also offers and provides Locate Ticket Clearance services for a variety of customers through our in-house, 24/7 Ticket Clearance call centre locating in Mississauga, ON.

Mitigate risk and avoid costly mistakes by using multiVIEW's full suite Utility Locating services for your next construction, engineering or environmental project, or call us to learn more about contract locating and other administrative solutions.

Seeing the whole picture

Underground utility locates are growing increasingly complex. Failure to locate underground utilities before excavating or drilling can result in service disruptions or worse, a dangerous accident.  In addition to metallic utilities, a new generation of non-metallic utilities such as fibre optic cables and PVC piping has created a more challenging underground locating situation.
multiVIEW utility locates go beyond using basic electromagnetic induction equipment and techniques by bringing a wide range of equipment onsite to solve any challenge that might arise. High spatial accuracy and reliability is guaranteed at any stage of the project execution. By leveraging electromagnetic and seismic technology, multiVIEW's utility locating team can even discriminate non-toneable assets such as those containing broken tracer wires.
multiVIEW's non-destructive, high frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) techniques can also scan, image and map features embedded within concrete structures. This provides a safe and reliable alternative to x-rays that bears no health and safety consequences. 
While adhering to established Canadian Safety Standards, multiVIEW mobilizes field crews quickly, even for distant deployments. multiVIEW's utility locating team saves you time and money by coordinating all of the public utility locates required for your project and can also customize deliverables to meet your needs whether it’s a utility locate sheet, annotated CAD or 3D image.

Along with standard EM locating tools, multiVIEW Locates Inc. is proud to use the latest and most advanced Ground Penetrating Radar equipment available on the market today, supplied by Sensors & Software Inc.  With the recent addition of Sensors' LMX 200, multiVIEW Technicians can provide real-time 3D imaging onsite and instantly email project data directly from the system.  The LMX200 works like a multiple frequency GPR with Dynamic Target Enhancement Technology to ensure the most accurate and effective locate is completed.  An example of this equipment is provided in the following video by Sensors & Software Inc.

By taking advantage of multiVIEW’s highly accessible and mobile field services, you can:
  • Count on multiVIEW's commitment to thoroughness, best practices, high spatial accuracy and reliability
  • Ensure due diligence and better risk management
  • Preserve the integrity of existing infrastructure
  • Eliminate disruption of site activities 
  • Minimize the risk of construction delays and claims  

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