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Near-Surface Geophysics

near-surafce geophysicsAn unknown geotechnical or environmental liability can be costly, dangerous and detrimental to a project. We apply advanced geophysical technologies to quickly and accurately identify the location of environmental and geotechnical concerns before they become a hazard. Our exploration techniques are wide reaching and can be applied to geotechnical studies, geological engineering, environmental engineering, geology, groundwater investigations and ore deposit exploration.

multiVIEW's Geoservices include (select to learn more):

A solution to every challenge

We work with our clients to uncover the most efficient and cost effective environmental engineering solutions for soil and water contamination management, waste disposal, environmental protection and sustainability.  We can apply direct current resistivity, electromagnetics and seismic to locate drilling targets for groundwater supply, estimate the depth of water tables, locate groundwater wells, detect contamination and more. By quickly and accurately targeting areas of concern, you can focus your sampling investigation and spend your exploration budget wisely.
We’ll also apply techniques including Induced Polarization and Ground Penetrating Radar to mineral exploration, geological engineering and archaeological investigations. Defining base rock stratigraphy and the physical properties of soil are all a part of our site assessment services.
Engineering geology is dedicated to the investigation of potential hazards that can affect the location, design, construction, operation and maintenance of engineering works. multiVIEW recommends performing geophysical investigations during the design stage of every geological engineering and construction project. This includes geophysical investigations for environmental impact analysis, engineering design, construction and post-construction phases as well as the inspection of existing projects.

We provide data that allows engineering firms to better understand how geological, hydrogeological and environmental conditions impact existing structures and interact with the surrounding environment, to guard against property damage and life threatening events.
Our services include:
  • Contaminant plume mapping, contaminated soil conditions mapping, water concentration and salt contamination, hazardous waste sites and sanitary landfills
  • Underground storage tank (UST) detection, buried metal objects detection, abandoned well casing detection, mineshafts & mine workings mapping, site remediation and assessment, landfill mapping,  tree root imaging, ancient underground foundations, graves and burials, archaeological artifacts
  • Geotechnical foundation integrity & stability, loading capacity estimation, shear wave velocities analysis, compaction monitoring, geotechnical engineering investigations for dam and retaining walls, embankments, tunnels, dikes, channels, reservoirs, mining and construction works
  • Bedrock depth, rippability assessment, cavity and subsidence zone detection, void detection, buried alluvial channel mapping, rock weathering analysis, geologic hazard identification, lithological mapping, thickness of overburden, fault and geological contacts mapping, subsurface stiffness, NBC seismic site classification (vs30), subsidence and channeling imaging
  • Hydrogeological investigations, seepage in dam and reservoirs, groundwater well location, groundwater flow velocity and direction

multiVIEW Service Advantages

  • Non-destructive testing and analysis
  • The ability to reduce core drilling and laboratory analysis costs
  • Recorded data for future reference and utilization
  • Highly detailed data capture, mapping and analysis
  • Fast and efficient mobilization
  • Ongoing technical support

Let us work with you to inform the design and construction of your next project by applying our techniques to accurately assess the integrity and stability of structures and foundations.

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Ground Penetrating Radar Sinkhole Imaging