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Hydrotechnical Engineering

Leveraging geophysical techniques during the design, construction and inspection of hydrotechnical works is critical for feasibility analysis, risk assessment and structure evaluation. DAM and Reservoir visual inspections may be inefficient when sensitive areas are not documented and analysed in depth.

This can cause challenges such as subsidence, channelling, concrete structure deterioration, internal cracks, delamination, etc. to critically impact structure stability and hydrotechnical functionality. 

Collecting detailed geophysical data from the structure and surrounding geological environment is critical to analysing the physical properties of construction materials and assessing risks and hazards related to structural components and foundational problems. Our geophysical data and interpretation complements any conventional drilling and geotechnical laboratory technique.
Hydrotechnical Engineering

Our solutions for Hydrotechnical Engineering applications include:

·         DAM structural integrity evaluation
·         Subsidence and channelling
·         Filtration zones and leak detection
·         DAM safety study
·         Depth to permafrost
·         Seepage in DAM and reservoirs

Geophysical Methodology:

·         Reflection/Refraction Seismic
·         Borehole Geophysics (Seismic, EM, GPR, Gamma)
·         Ground Penetrating Radar
·         Direct Current Resistivity

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