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Environmental Engineering

Performing an Environmental Site Assessment?  A critical component of any environmental impact analysis or site remediation is the preliminary subsurface geophysical investigation that can readily identify environmental hazards and map contaminated soil conditions.

Real-time geophysical data acquisition is essential for effective pollution control and long term monitoring of environmentally sensitive areas. Let us work with you to find the most efficient and cost effective environmental engineering solutions for soil and water contamination management, environmental protection and sustainability. 

Our professional geoscientists carry out geophysical data acquisition and interpretation to provide you with detailed digital maps of contaminated areas and comprehensive survey reports required for environmental site assessment and remediation.

Applications of our tools and expertise include:

·         Landfill mapping
·         Leachate mitigation
·         Contaminant migration analysis
·         Terrain conductivity analysis
·         Saline groundwater intrusion mapping
·         Sodium chloride contamination
·         Unexploded ordnance surveys
·         Underground Storage Tank (UST) detection
·         Buried metal objects detection
·         Abandoned well casing detection
·         Tree root imaging

Geophysical Methodology:

·         Time Domain Electromagnetics
·         Frequency Domain Electromagnetics
·         Direct Current Resistivity
·         Refraction Seismic
·         Magnetics
·         Ground Penetrating Radar
·         Radiometric
·         Borehole Geophysics

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