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Archaeological Investigations

We can uncover ancient history through archeological investigations that analyse depositional soil sediments and materials derived from human activity. We offer the most suitable and applicable geophysical surveys and data analysis for rapid data interpretation, soil condition estimates and the detection of man-made objects present in the subsurface. These include archeological artifacts, architecture, biodiversity, cultural landscapes and environmental data.

Grave Plot Imaging Example:


multiVIEW offers a wide range of solutions for archaeological investigations, including:

·         Ancient Underground Foundations
·         Graves And Burials
·         Chambers And Grouts
·         Archaeological Artifacts
·         Buried Objects
·         Underground Tunnels

Geophysical Methodology:

·         Time Domain Electromagnetics
·         Frequency Domain Electromagnetics
·         Direct Current Resistivity
·         Refraction Seismic
·         Magnetics
·         Ground Penetrating Radar

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