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CCTV Camera Inspection

Some projects require you to pinpoint the exact location of buried pipes within your project site, but sometimes you need to go a step further and assess their actual condition. Leveraging CCTV technology (often referred to as sewer video inspection), we can delve into any pipeline and see what’s going on inside via a live camera.

A flexible solution for any challenge

Our rugged CCTV equipment expands and contracts to fit pipes of almost any size or length. Whether it’s a sanitary sewer, house service line, forcemain or watermain, we’ll inspect and evaluate internal conditions while capturing images in real-time. We can zoom in on anomalies, navigate around bends and even inspect lateral services. Whether it’s a crack, root obstruction, break or other issue, we’ll identify the problem quickly.

Expertise you can count on

We’ll monitor the progress of the camera as it moves through the pipe, inspecting everything along the way while identifying impediments or blockages that can ruin your system.

You will then be provided with a fully digital report that includes high-resolution JPEG images accompanied by a video. Our trained experts will interpret their findings and suggest next steps. We will also record important information such as time, data, manhole and operating personnel.

Built for tough jobs, easy on the environment

With multiVIEW’s CCTV inspection service, you can ascertain problems that lie within your pipeline without unnecessary digging. It’s 100 percent environmentally safe and built for tough jobs: our equipment is highly durable, weather resistant and can be fully submerged in water.


When to leverage multiVIEW’s CCTV camera inspection service:

  • To monitor the performance of newly installed pipes and watermains
  • To monitor aging assets and pinpoint problems such as cracks, breaks, sags, and obstructions, without costly shutdown
  • To investigate unexplained flow conditions, locate blockages, inspect pipe walls and liners, locate lost line valves, examine valve conditions, assess internal corrosion of metallic pipes, and inspect leak areas

Check out CCTV in action: see how the technology was used to travel down a storm drain in search of a blockage.

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