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Lunch and Learns, multiVIEWLunch & Learns are free, informal sessions that allow us to gain a better understanding of your current challenges and discuss innovative developments that impact your industry. We bring lunch to your office at a time that works for you, and help to make sense of the myriad of technologies and techniques that are currently available to assist you in your work.
Though we offer Lunch & Learns on defined topics, we can also customize the content of the session to your specific area of interest.  Some of our current topics include:
Leveraging Geophysics to Reduce Risk
Contrary to popular belief, no single technology can locate utilities effectively for all site conditions where utility composition and depth varies. Today, a range of non-destructive geophysical techniques are available to locate almost any type of subsurface feature, but it can often be confusing to know when they should be applied. The solution to mitigating risk lies in matching the right technology to the task. This Lunch & Learn session explores a wide variety of non-destructive techniques and technologies and describes when they should be leveraged. This includes basic EM Induction, Ground Penetrating Radar, Time Domain Electromagnetics, Seismic and others.
Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Techniques for Infrastructure Inspection
GPR and other non-destructive testing techniques are being adopted more aggressively than ever before by municipalities, provinces and engineering firms for infrastructure assessment.  Bridge deck deterioration analysis, asphalt and PCC thickness testing, and subgrade deterioration analysis can now be completed with high speed, cost effective, ground-coupled GPR.  This Lunch & Learn Session is geared towards infrastructure owners or managers looking to apply advanced technology to lifecycle planning, maintenance, design and asset rehabilitation.
Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) – Interpreting the Standards
SUE adoption is still in its infancy in many Canadian cities and there remains confusion over industry standards such as ASCE 38-02.  Terminology such as “the application of appropriate surface geophysical methods” can be confusing, misinterpreted and create unnecessary risk for SUE service providers, engineering firms and municipalities. This Lunch & Learn Session makes sense of a variety of standards, interpretations and technology solutions while adding clarity to the requirements necessary for successful RFP creation and SUE provider selection.
If you are interested in scheduling a Lunch and Learn session or would like to learn more about our current presentations, please complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you shortly.