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Safety Culture

construction safety
multiVIEW's commitment to safety and damage prevention serves as a core value that extends through every aspect of our business. multiVIEW is a long standing member of the ORCGA and we actively participate in Dig Safe and Locator Safety Awareness campaigns to generate awareness around damage prevention. We are also proud members of ISNetworld which sets the gold standard for safe, qualified contractors. 

To further educate the public on the importance of safe excavation, multiVIEW has published numerous articles on the topic in magazines including Canadian Underground Infrastructure, ReNew Canada and Building & Construction Canada.

multiVIEW's commitment to safe excavation also extends through our services: we support innovation in the Locate field by encouraging a wider adoption of a range of geophysical techniques to accurately locate even those utilities considered “un-locatable” such as concrete or PVC pipes.

In addition to a focus on damage prevention, multiVIEW fosters a culture of health and safety. All employees complete thorough in-house job function training modules and receive training on multiVIEW’s Health, Safety & Environment Manual and Quality Management System (MQMS) which are updated annually. multiVIEW's Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) provides specific health & safety training, conducts health & safety audits, maintains health & safety records and ensures adherence to all OHSA requirements within the workplace. We also adhere to an Environmental Management Policy that ensures sustainable operations. Our highly trained field technicians undergo a range of training post-employment including:

  • ORCGA Damage Prevention Technician (DPT) Training
  • Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Training
  • Certified Project Management
  • Fall-Arrest  
  • Confined Space Entry
  • TTC Rulebook (3rd Rail)